My Friend Chris Shaw

While you're here, I'd like to tell you about my friend and colleague, my fellow City Commissioner Chris Shaw. He's a small business owner and a leader with the NAACP and the Chamber of Commerce. During our time together on the Commission, we've utilized his business expertise to bring new jobs to Dayton, and he has even led a number of initiatives to give our young people and other potential workers the skills they need to get these new jobs. 

As jobs and growth come into our city, we've made it a priority to reinvest in our neighborhoods. We've greatly increased the pace of road repaving citywide and have begun a multi-million dollar investment to improve housing and quality of life in neighborhoods like Miami Chapel, Edgemont, Twin Towers and others. And now, thanks to the Preschool Promise, we are able to ensure that every Dayton three- and four-year-old has access to high quality Pre-K. 

We hope to continue our work to bring safety and stability back to all our neighborhoods, which is why Chris and I are asking for your vote this year! Please vote to re-elect Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw to the Dayton City Commission. 

Thank you,


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